Monday, July 23, 2007

the pixie hat

That's what they called it in the 1970's issue of Sunset's "Gifts You Can Make". Basically it's just two half circles sewn into a cone (one for outside, one for lining). Pretty easy, but I tried to butch it up a bit by sewing down the "pixie" point of the cone and using a tan canvas. Added bonus, I also found out that Sam stays sitting still if you photograph him while sipping OJ!

Here it is again form the back, rotated 90 degrees so the points face a different direction. You can see the basic shape. Easy, right?!! I want to try to make it again, probably a little bigger. I might even try a really big one for me (pixie point intact? Hmmm....)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

strip mall signage

I have a big fascination with strip mall signage. I like the pattern the text makes, the density and variety of information packed into repeating uniform rectangles. I first started noticing it a few years ago, one week in summer. I took a million pictures of various locations in San Diego and LA. That's when I was living in Holland and everything in the US suddenly looked really colorful and new and kinda unconsciously wonderfully artless.

This is the one by my house that I see everyday. I want to make a screen print of it? A drawing? I don't know, something!